There are many paths to well being and healing.  Over her more than 20 years of practice Melanie has come to recognize that there is no one modality that achieves wellness for everyone.  Just as everyone is unique so is their path to wellness. Building upon her foundation in Massage + Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine + Herbalism,  Melanie incorporates Functional Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, Meditation + Aromatherapy to create a whole, individualized path to healing.   Melanie understands that optimal health is truly achieved when we can integrate all parts of our being, physical, emotional + spiritual. Working with Melanie not only brings your body and health into balance + alignment, but empowers you to be an active participant in your healing and remain on the path of wellness. 




By needling points along meridians acupuncture brings the body, its systems and the mind back into balance and optimal function.  The needles used are the thickness of an average human hair. All needles used at MLK Wellness are single use, disposable, and sterile.

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